Winslow Homer’s Glass Window Bridge

The Glass Window Bridge in North Eleuthera is a wonder to see and the thinnest point of the island. It also highlights the stark differences between the oceans on each side. The picture that you see below was painted in the 1800’s by Winslow Homer and the bridge as such is a natural roof formation.

Winslow Homer's Glass Window Bridge Painting

Winslow Homer’s Glass Window Bridge Painting

“Artist Winslow Homer found the site stunning, and painted Glass Window in 1885. The original stone arch, created by Mother Nature, was destroyed by a combination of storms in the 1940s.”  Fodor’s

Glass Window Bridge 2016, Eleuthera

Glass Window Bridge 2016

In the 1940’s the arch gave way to storms and the connection of land was gone until the new bridge was built. The date of it’s construction is unknown to me but I know that this isn’t the original one as hurricanes and various rages have destroyed previous ones. The present bridge is presently in need of repairs and waves from recent rages have knocked over the 4,000 pound cement jersey barriers. This is the power of the sea even after coming up and over the cliff edge and it is wise to heed this if crossing during a rage. A car is no match for the power of that water crossing the road and bridge at times.


Glass Window Bridge now

Glass Window Bridge now

Until the recent bridges were constructed the only way people and commerce happened between north Eleuthera and the rest of the island was by boat. Goods and people would have to get into a boat and then make their way in that fashion.

In recent years there has been talk of changing the path of the bridge and adding a new one that avoids the surges and rages of storms. It would go from a point to the right in the photos above and then head towards that small beach area that you can see in the photo. This would effectively diminish the water directly impacting the roadway and bridge. Now when or if this will ever happen is yet to be seen.


For now it’s a must see attraction and just as stunning a view as in Winslow Homer’s day with the contrasts of the two waters separated by mere feet is stunning to say the least. If you go and the weather is wild, use caution as waves that coming crashing over the cliffs and bridge are something to see but can be quite dangerous.


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