Windermere Island

We’ve been over to Windermere Island more in the last few months than we have in all the previous years combined. It’s a gated island in case you didn’t know. The road to it is right off the Queen’s Highway and as you get to the end there is a guard house and a gate. If you haven’t received an invite to visit someone, own a home there or are working at a property, you won’t be allowed onto the island. You can’t just say I’d like to just drive around and see the place.

Also from what I’ve been told it’s the only gated island in the Bahamas. I know  and at first I had the same thought but if you think about it, what other island can you think of that you drive onto and it’s all private? If you know another let me know.

So here’s a little video tour for you to see.


This article was published on Thursday, June 22, 2017 in the following categories: Featured Articles

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