Why Come To Eleuthera?

I’m sure that many visitors ask the question of why should they come to Eleuthera versus some other destination so I thought a little explanation might be in order. When people start thinking of taking a vacation, they probably ask friends and family where they have been and what their experience was like. Hopefully if they have been to Eleuthera before it becomes an easy topic.

Lighthouse Beach, Eleuthera

Lighthouse Beach, Eleuthera

However if they are looking for a totally new experience and are just searching around there are a myriad of choices.So one of the criteria might be ease of getting to their destination from the US or Europe. They may also be looking for a place that has a lot of activities to offer or it may be that they are looking for more of a relaxed place, tons of beaches and is for someone that has more of an exploration attitude. Eleuthera is for explorers that seek those experiences that can’t be bought.

Eleuthera beach

Eleuthera beach

Eleuthera is not a place that has tons of activities that you can pay and go do such as parasailing, jet skis and all of that so I would advise you to look elsewhere if that is the experience that you are after. Eleuthera is a place that calls out to those that want a relaxed vacation and who are willing to get out and explore. Being 110 miles long and rather thin, there are tons  of things to see and do but you have to go to them, they won’t come to you. You have to get in your car and search them out. This is one of the joys and what makes the island special. There are new places to find and experiences that you aren’t going to find by sitting at your hotel pool.

Road in Eleuthera

Road in Eleuthera

Now I should mention that Eleuthera isn’t for everyone for that same above reason and more. It’s for people that are willing to have experiences that aren’t canned. For those that accept the realities of being on a Family Island such as thin roads, long distances to get places, stores that aren’t open when you want them to be and all of these and more but it’s that also makes it an amazing place.

I’ve been here for around 15 years and we still explore all the time and are still finding places that we never knew existed. Check out this video I did of a new find down in south Eleuthera. I don’t know all the particulars of the place so there’s still more to learn.

Eleuthera is the place for you if you are looking for relaxation, friendly people, views and experiences that you will treasure over and over.  You might remember the jet ski ride you too around at the resort but it also might be like all the other rides you’ve done before. However when you come across something like the video below you will keep that memory alive for years to come. It’s unique. It’s raw and untouched.

So what can you do or where can you go?

How about :

Lighthouse Beach

Harbour Island

Glass Window Bridge

Beaches all over

Try a conch burger or conch salad

Take a road you’re not sure of

Lounging in the Queen’s Baths

Visit Preacher’s Cave

Jump off a cliff into the sea

Create your own experience

Just remember- Eleuthera isn’t for everyone but if you do make that choice, you will be pleasantly surprised at all there is for you to do. You just have to go out and do it!










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