Watching TS Maria and Eleuthera

Well Saturday started with a potential storm named #15 and by evening it was named Maria and it’s track is much like Hurricane Irma’s. This time of year I’m always checking to see what comes off Africa stormwise and this morning I said that it would be named Maria. I was just guessing and had seen no charts of potential storm names if there is one. I swear on that.  I knew the previous was named Lee so I just said to myself, this will be Maria. That’s a bit freaky to me.

However whatever the name,  she bears a very similar path to what Hurricane Irma took and therefore deserves your attention as you can see below. Now we get to watch “Maria” and what she will do. Stay tuned!


TS Maria 5pm Sat

TS Maria 5pm Sat

By the look of it, by Sunday afternoon, she will become Hurricane Maria and once again approach those southern islands that were devastated by Irma.


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