Want More About Eleuthera Daily?

Some of you may already know and some of you may want to see a bit more about life in Eleuthera everyday. My YouTube channel has new stories daily. The video content is much longer that on any of the other platforms and it provides a look at what things are like here from Todd and Sid’s perspective. Most of the videos run from 5-15 minutes so I know not everyone will be interested but if you are you can stop over and sign up to receive them automatically everyday. Here’s the link to the page itself and there are hundreds of videos to see.

Just like it real life, some days are more exciting than others, but it’s a view of how things are here from our views and I try to publish a new one for each day. Try is the optimal word as sometimes the internet has other ideas and isn’t working so nicely. Let me know what you think? Todd

This article was published on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 in the following categories: Featured Articles

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