The New Sunset Inn-Governors Harbour

It was hot and so we decided to go to The New Sunset Inn in Governors Harbour for dinner and to enjoy the sunset from the deck. If you haven’t been here, the food is great and the sunsets are wonderful and thus the name, The New Sunset Inn. It used to be just The Sunset Inn and not long ago they made some changes and with that the name changed as well.
Naturally, living here, we know the owners Lionel and Jai very well and we love going for a meal here. Both of them are hardworking people that we enjoy spending time with and discussing things that are happening around the island.

It’s very easy to find and right on the Queen’s Highway just outside of Governors Harbour going south.

We’ve been here many times so there isn’t much need for a menu but for those of you that haven’t here’s a shot of that so you can see the offerings

Sunset Inn Menu, Eleuthera

Sunset Inn Menu

We decided to start with an appetizer of cracked conch.

Cracked conch appetizer, Eleuthera, Sunset Inn

Cracked conch appetizer

Sid and I both felt like having grouper fingers so we both got the snack size but I got cole slaw and she got salad.

Grouper fingers , Eleuthera, Sunset Inn

Grouper fingers

Grouper fingers-Salad, Eleuthera, Sunset Inn

Grouper fingers-Salad

They are open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner except on Thursdays. Naturally there are times in the late summer and fall that they close- they need a break too so you can always call them at- 332-2487 to make sure they are there.

Great food at great prices and an incredible view even if you don’t go at sunset.

If you stop in make sure to let them know- Todd and Sid sent you. They’ll appreciate it and so do we!


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