The Market Supermarket Quick Tour

We go to the Market Supermarket in Rock Sound fairly frequently because they have a great selection and consistent supply of quality food.  It’s one of the largest grocery stores on Eleuthera and about 45 minutes from Governors Harbour but worth the trip for getting things that we need and you can pretty much be assured that they will have them.

As you will see the store is laid out in a clean neat style that makes shopping easy and a pleasure to do and very similar to what you would find in a US market. They are all super helpful and even have a concierge service for those that would rather leave the shopping to them while they enjoy their stay in Eleuthera.


The Sands Family has operated the market for many years and, they and their staff, are super friendly to work with as you can see from the video I did with LaKera Francis.


This article was published on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 in the following categories: Featured Articles

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