The James Cistern

There’s a lot of interesting history on Eleuthera and one of those is the Cistern in James Cistern. As you can see in the photo and video the cistern is actually a freshwater hole and in more recent times was used for the water supply. Can you see the old pump house and equipment?

The cistern in James Cistern, Eleuthera

The cistern in James Cistern

The town was actually started in the early days due to the fact that there was a freshwater supply and thus the name- James Cistern. On an island, having freshwater was just as important then as it is now but who James was I have no idea.

If you take yourself back in time and realize that the cistern is at one of the highest points of town and that there were no pumps, you’ll see that getting water was no easy task and that people had to do it daily to keep an adequate supply. Picture almost daily having to gather your buckets or such and go up to the cistern, fill them and then carry them back to your house. If you told people today that they had to do this there would be a revolt.

Road to James Point, Eleuthera

Road to James Point

If you have an SUV or vehicle with some good clearance you can continue down the road- there’s some not so great sections- and you’ll end up right near James Point. Well you end up at a wonderful cove and if you walk the beach to the point on the right, you’ll be there. The beach itself is not great for walking as it usually has quite the angle and swimming is limited to calmer days but it’s all worth seeing.

Google view to James Point, Eleuthera

Google view to James Point




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