The Blue Room in Governors Harbour

The Blue Room restaurant is located in Governors Harbour and serves some great Bahamian style dishes. Now they don’t have a menu per se but if you walk in and ask they will tell you what they have to offer for meal choices. The portions are quite large and Sid and I had the snack the day we went which you might not think of as snack size. The meal comes usually with 2-3 sides plus the main meat or fish and is much larger.

Now when you come to Eleuthera, part of the trip should be to experience local foods and I know many of you may wonder about going down side streets and such to a restaurant that is anything but touristy.  However I can assure you the place is great, the people friendly and the food is wonderful. Experience Eleuthera like a local.

Blue Room Chicken snack

Blue Room Chicken snack


We went for lunch and there were people coming, going, ordering as well as picking up orders that they had phoned in. The service was fast and we were on our way back to the house in no time. Now the chicken snack that we got was $9.00 and as you can see there was more than enough food.

Below is a map to make it easier for you to find in Governors Harbour.


Blue Room Directions, Eleuthera, Map

You can stop by to see what they have or give them a call at -332-2736

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