Tay Bay Beach, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Tay Bay Beach is located in the northern end of Eleuthera near Preacher’s Cave. It is good for walking, swimming and trees along the edge provide shade for lounging around or a picnic. Being at the northern end of the island it’s a good ride from the south but well worth the trip. As an added bonus it’s on the same road as you would use to visit Preacher’s Cave, you just have to go slightly farther.

The water is very calm here but there aren’t much in the way of shells but the watercolor and views totally make up for that.  Bring a picnic, visit Preacher’s Cave and enjoy the rest of the day walking and relaxing at Tay Bay.

Directions To Tay Bay Beach, Eleuthera

Directions To Tay Bay Beach

Shade at Tay Bay Beach, Eleuthera

Shade at Tay Bay Beach

Tay Bay Beach- North Eleuthera

Tay Bay Beach- North


Walking on Tay Bay Beach, Eleuthera

Walking on Tay Bay Beach

Tay Bay Beach, Eleuthera

Tay Bay Beach

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