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Platinum Sponsors

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Governors Estate


Governors Estate is a small development of newly constructed Colonial style houses at the top of the hill in Governors Harbour, Eleuthera in the Bahamas.

The houses make up a select private estate with 3 houses and 2 apartments currently offered for vacation rentals. Expertly built, and lovingly designed by the Colman Partnership, our homes are available for an immersive luxury Bahamian experience.

All of the properties are designed and furnished to a high standard ensuring that your vacation is comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable.




Gold Sponsors

JR Car Rental, Eleuthera, Bahamas

JR Car Rental



Choosing a rental car on the island of Eleuthera is like guessing what’s behind the curtain on Let’s Make a Deal.

JR Car Rentals goal is to eliminate the guesswork as best we can by building a reputation for providing reliable transportation, minimizing any chance of mechanical issues on Eleuthera’s long and winding roads.



The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Leon Levy logo


The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve is 25-acres of sanctuary for over 300 species of native plants, 60 species of birds, and 100 species of medicinal plants. A boardwalk leads you over a waterfall through an otherwise inaccessible inland Mangrove Wetland. As you leave the wetland, travel through a specimen garden of medicinal and edible plants. Spend a quiet moment at the Freshwater Wetland that features bird perches, waterfalls, water lilies, as well as native Bahamian freshwater turtles. Continue your exploration on trails that wind through a diverse native Bahamian hardwood forest, abounding with species of subtropical trees, orchids, butterflies and insects. Hike up to the lookout tower and take in breathtaking views of Eleuthera above the forest canopy.


Rated #1 on TripAdvisor for ‘Things To Do In Eleuthera’, the Preserve is open to the public daily from 9am to 5pm, including weekends and holidays.


Silver Sponsors