Sponge Cove Beach- Central Eleuthera

Sponge Cove Beach in Central Eleuthera isn’t all that easy to get to and actually requires some back roads and walking. It’s just north of the airport on the Atlantic side and years ago you could drive there without too much trouble as long as you had enough clearance. Now that road has washed out or it was the last time I tried so there is another way in as you can see from the Google Map on our site.

Sponge Cove Beach Map-Directions

This beach has shade along the edge as you get there and is good for walking at low tide as well as swimming. It’s generally fairly calm. Please be courteous and respectful as there isn’t a parking space as such by the last house so park off to the side or such so others can get through as well.

Sponge Cove, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Sponge Cove Beach


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