Shauna’s On Cupid’s Cay

If you are looking for some good local food for lunch then you may want to stop by Shauna’s on Cupid’s Cay. The menu varies daily and her prices are great. It’s easy to find and in between my house and Ronnie’s and right across the street from the Convenience For You store. The food is all Bahamian with a variation of chicken, fish, ribs, steak, peas and rice, mac and cheese and coleslaw. Now if you happen to hit it right and she has Pea Soup-get it. It is delicious and a meal unto itself with a thick broth, potatoes, cassava, dumplings, and more.

As of now she is open only for lunch and come around 11:30 for the best selection as she generally has a good crowd that comes for lunch. Also as you’ll see in the video the portions are quite large and for many people it’s more than a one meal dish.

To make it easier I’ve included a clip from our interactive map page.

Shauna's Map, Google Map


This article was published on Thursday, August 24, 2017 in the following categories: Featured Articles

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