Sammy’s Place, Rock Sound, Eleuthera

Sammy’s Place is a restaurant in Rock Sound, Eleuthera and relatively easy to get to from the Queen’s Highway. As you can see from the map below is is not far from the main road and is very well marked with signs along the way. We were down in Rock Sound doing some other business so we decided to stop in for lunch.


Sammy's Place Directions, Eleuthera

Sammy’s Place Directions

Now as you drive up you’ll see a sign out front but the building itself isn’t marked and you may almost wonder if you are at the right place.

Sammy's Place sign, Eleuthera

Sammy’s Place sign

Sammy's Place entrance, Eleuthera

Sammy’s Place entrance

They were having a curried chicken lunch special so we order 2 which from what I heard later were the last of three and one other person received it as well. One other person wanted one but sadly had to make another choice.

The plate was beautifully served with more than enough food for most people and it was deliciously prepared Bahamian food as you can see below.

Curried chicken lunch

Curried chicken lunch

Given this wonderful lunch and the hospitality of Sammy and Margarite, we would highly recommend you stop in on your next trip  to or through Rock Sound. I’ve shown the menu below and as you’ll see it’s quite extensive!

You can click on the photos to enlarge them to see all that they offer and if you would like to call ahead their number is- 242-334-2121


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