Salt and Peppa Restaurant- Spanish Wells

Salt and Peppa Restaurant is a relatively new place in Spanish Wells that we happened upon while driving around there. We were in Spanish Wells on Election day and many of the restaurants were closed and as we drove around the waterfront, we saw this place and decided to stop in.


We meet with Virginia Parks who is the  owner and decided to order the Bacon Jam Burger. Sid ordered her’s with cole slaw and dates and I had the same but with fries.

Bacon Jam Burger and Slaw, Spanish Wells

Bacon Jam Burger and Slaw

The bacon jam is absolutely delicious and I even told her that she should consider bottling it and selling as it’s own product. There is a bench out front or you can sit in the back where there are tables under a tent. Virginia also works with Jessie Sweeting and Susan Ritch and you can tell they all love they do by the way the greet everyone. It’s not something they have to do but want to do and it shows in their food and service.

Bacon Jam Burger-Fries

Bacon Jam Burger-Fries

To get there is relatively easy as Spanish Wells isn’t all that large and if you drive along the waterside where the boats are docked you will come to it. The locations is at 25th Street and Harbour Street. If you would like to call to get more information the number is 333-4192 or 727-8557 cell.

Breakfast menu

Breakfast menu

From the burgers that Sid and I got as well as the service I would highly recommend stopping in to Salt and Peppa if you are visiting Spanish Wells and I’m not sure what it is but in the beginning of the video the sign on the store said Ma Mae- $2.00. Now I know it’s a drink and I know its sweet but I guess it will have to be a mystery until our next visit.

Salt and Peppa Menu, Spanish Wells

Salt and Peppa Menu

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