Red Pond and Beach, Rock Sound, Eleuthera

Red Pond and Beach is in Rock Sound Eleuthera and relatively easy to get to with a vehicle that has some clearance. There are only a few places that aren’t great but are easily maneuvered and once you are there it has a shallow cove at low tide. The pond itself is quite large and on another trip we will explore that further.

Red Pond and Beach, Rock Sound, Eleuthera

Red Pond and Beach

As you can see in the map there is also a road that goes along the edge of the pond and I believe at one point they were connected. In the video below you can see the road as it ends on the other side. You’ll also notice in the video that the grassy section is gone and much of the sand bank as well and now the pond gets water from the sea when the tide is up.

I’ve been told that years ago the pond was named Red Pond due to the red soil around it but now with the influx of saltwater the color has changed but is filled with all types of marine life.

It also looks to me, from the aerial view,  that at one time the sand bank came much farther out towards the low in close reef that now forms the cove. If that bank extended out the pond would have been sealed off from the ocean.


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