Receiver’s Beach Eleuthera

Receiver’s Beach on Eleuthera is much like Ten Bay Beach and on the Caribbean side of the island. The waters are generally very calm which is great for just lounging around or for families with small children. The beach itself  varies in width depending on the tide. At high tide there isn’t much sand for sitting but it’s relatively long so there’s generally plenty of space.


The beach is one that is frequently used by Bahamians for relaxing and family get togethers although this is generally only in the warmer months. Families will gather here, sit, talk, eat and children will play in the calm waters which are not very deep until you get very far out from shore.

North end of Receiver's Beach, Eleuthera

North end of Receiver’s Beach

Due to the shallow waters, the colors are usually quite spectacular as the depth of the water changes. There are also Cassarini trees that line the shore so for much of the day you won’t be directly in the sun unless you want to be.

Receiver's Beach, Eleuthera

Receiver’s Beach, Eleuthera

View from Receiver's Beach, Eleuthera

View from Receiver’s Beach

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