Preacher’s Cave Beach- Eleuthera

Preacher’s Cave Beach is located in Northern Eleuthera and is very easy to get to. It’s great for walking, swimming and snorkeling. The day we were there we saw some people visiting Preacher’s Cave as well as a few people down on the beach. Generally speaking I wouldn’t expect a lot of privacy here due to the ease of access. Now years back the road here was terrible but since it’s all been updated and paved, anyone with even a regular car can get here and it’s worth the trip.

Directions- Head north as if you were heading to Gene’s Bay Dock to get the boat to Spanish Wells and at the sharp corner you will see a sign for Preacher’s Cave. There are many farms along the road here but even if you think stopping and taking a fruit or two is no issue, please don’t. These are private farms and you need to respect that.


Preacher's Cave Beach directions, Eleuthera

Preacher’s Cave Beach directions

This article was published on Saturday, March 25, 2017 in the following categories: Featured Articles

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