Things To Bring

These are things that we could think of to make your trip more pleasant. Please feel free to contact us to add anything that you think might be helpful to others.

Bathing suit
Sandals and Sturdy shoes for exploring
Winter months- pants and sweaters (mostly at night)
Specific foods- dietary needs
Reading material- book, kindle, magazine
Personal bath supplies
Snorkeling equipment
Car seats for young children
Flash light
Medicines- personal use
CASH- some places take credit cards, but not all.
ATM’s are available.

Here’s some comments and suggestions that were also offered over on the FaceBook Page

Ann Traumann Marsden Bug spray!
Ann Traumann Marsden Chargers for your electronics or batteries if necessary

Matt Wilson We always bring a pretty serious first aid kit with us complete with quick clot pads and suture kit. We always have it with us when we are out and about on the island. Never really needed it except for minor cuts and scrapes but it’s nice to know it is there if we need it.

Patrizia Neri Bug spray for sand flies …remember it !!!!

Stephanie Courson Annis Extra pair of flip flops in case of a blow out!

Robert Patterson How about a list of thing NOT to bring. Like dress clothes and high heels?

Robert Patterson Cell phone coverage is spotty at best, and calls back to home may be a couple of dollars a minute (if you feel you must call at all!). See if your carrier has a decent international plan, or just go to Batelco in town and buy a local cell phone, and use the minutes cards.

Matt Wilson -We also always pack a swimsuit and a couple of days supply of any medications we are taking in our carry on bags. We’ve had a couple of times where our checked bags made it to the island after we did. Once it was 2 days later!!

Christy Taddeucci Walker -Anti-itch cream for the inevitable no see-um bites. Oral benedryl for the same. Some folks have a bad reaction to the bites and need more than topical remedies.
To avoid bites bring light weight long sleeve shirts and pants to wear when you may be out and about at dusk or dawn,

Robert Patterson A cream containing cortisone works wonders for the bites.

Patrizia Neri I used it

Matt Wilson -We have tried a bunch of different things for nosee-um bites so far this has worked the best. Also works great on sunburns!!…/dp/B000LP4A5K

Cactus Juice Miracle Gel, 8oz
The Cactus Juice 8OZMGEL Miracle Gel Skin Moisturizer provides soothing results for sunburn, insect bites, skin…

Eleuthera, Bahamas
Eleuthera, Bahamas I always forget about those pesky bugs as we’ve been here so long they don’t seem to bother us any more. Although whenever we go out at night I usually wear pants, socks and sneakers- just in case. Like Christy Taddeucci Walker said it’s usually around dusk and dawn they can be a problem.
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Rick Cozens Tin foil it’s like 20 bucks

Rick Cozens Calls can be made using such apps as Line and Fongo from wifi hotspots

Rick Cozens They are international , line is best

Rick Cozens Burning small amounts of termite mound clears away all insects at nite or day

Rick Cozens Especially the pesky gnats

Rick Cozens Same but more effective

Ann Traumann Marsden Another thing to add to your winter list is a pair of socks – they take up less room than slippers and when it’s cooler at night in the winter months, your feet will thank you!

Melissa Custer-Thomas Ocean View Farms for horse back ride on the beach.
I take B6 and B12 for no see ums. Works! I too learned the hard way 😂

Bobette Phillips Bug spray and Benadryl. I’m speaking from experience. Those no-see-ums are vicious!!

Susy Siel- My absolute favorite Bug spray is Avon Bug Guard! I also ALWAYS bring a pound of coffee and a box of aluminum foil… I cook when I’m there… so having foil on hand is really helpful. Coffee speaks for itself!!! 🙂

Eleuthera, Bahamas If you’re a coffee drinker than bringing good coffee is a must. You can find some around but its a search and hoping they have it.
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Eleuthera, Bahamas


lLooking North from Tippy's

lLooking North from Tippy’s

Sunset and boats, Governors Harbour, Eleuthera

Sunset and boats

Dock to Spanish Wells, Eleuthera

Dock to Spanish Wells