Ocean Tally Restaurant in Whale Point Eleuthera

We recently went out to lunch at Ocean Tally up in Whale Point. Whale Point is up by the Glass Window Bridge and is a spectacular location with great views! The building itself is quite unique and it’s hard to miss the entrance which has round arches. You can actually see this building from quite a distance away.

When we arrived we were greeted by the owner Annette Farrington Young and Mr. King and I’m sure they extend the same wonderful welcome to everyone.

Ocean Tally Restaurant

Ocean Tally Restaurant

On the ocean side there is a walkway that leads down to a fire pit that overlooks the ocean as well as a Queen’s Bath. The day we were there the water was rushing over the edge so there would have been no way to use the baths safely.

The video from my drone gives you the best view of the property coming in from the sea.

Ocean Tally -walkway

Ocean Tally -walkway

Fire Pit above Queen's Baths

Fire Pit above Queen’s Baths

As you can tell the views and property are stunning and when we were here I ordered the cracked conch sandwich and Sid got the lobster sandwich and we both had french fries. Now I grant you that at the time we were there, we were the only ones there and the food was ordered and delivered faster than we thought possible. The food was absolutely delicious and the fries were the best I’ve had in ages. Sid even commented that it was the best lobster sandwich she think she has ever had!

Lunch at Ocean Tally

Lunch at Ocean Tally

After we had finished Mr. Smith asked us if we would like to go upstairs to see the view from there and also one of his paintings. He has an art showing every year and I’ll let you know when that’s scheduled to happen as soon as I know.

Window view

See the arch at the driveway entrance through the window?

Mr Smith's Artwork

Mr King’s Artwork

In addition to the restaurant, Annette has recently added 3 cottages which she rents out which I also went and viewed. This is an interior view and each of them have a million dollar view looking out at the ocean.

Cottage interior, Ocean Tally

Cottage interior

Here’s a short view of the interior as well as the view.

I would highly recommend a visit to Ocean Tally for the wonderful food and atmosphere and if you are looking for a place to stay you can click on their link at the top of the post for more info from them on their site.


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