New Fishing Regulations-Eleuthera

There have been new fishing regulations enacted for flat fisherman for the Bahamas and people coming to Eleuthera need to get a license now. In the past there fishing wasn’t regulated very strictly but now a license is needed if you plan on fishing the flats.

Fish and angler

Fish and angler

There have now been new laws enacted and I would encourage you to look through this fishing regulation piece that not only looks at fishing but also other marine species and practices.

Below is a copy of the application that outlines who must apply and the costs. Below this photo description is a link to download the application and this needs to be filled out and brought to the island’s administration building via the account’s payable department with the appropriate fee.

Fishing- Eleuthera, Bahamas

Fishing- Bahamas

Bahamas Fishing fees

Bahamas Fishing fees

As far as I am aware there presently no way to apply for this online yet but you can download the form.

Bahamas Flats Fishing Application

At the present time this applies only to those fishing from the flats and doesn’t apply to those fishing from the shore or docks. I believe that in the future we will see new regulations and fees requiring all fisherman to apply for a license no matter where they are fishing in the Bahamas.

I also believe that on some of the other Bahamian island that have fishing lodges that the owners con provide and easy way for you to accomplish the form completion as well as the fee being submitted but it’s best to contact them individually.

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