Meet The Team At The Leon Levy Preserve

It’s always been my assumption that people connect with people so in that vein I thought it would be nice for you to meet some of the Leon Levy Team. The people below and in the video are just part of what make the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve such a favorite for locals as well as visitors to Eleuthera. The care and variety of the plants and native birds, animals and more make it a place that you can visit many times and never see the same things twice. Also when you speak with them you can genuinely feel the love they share for what they do and the pride that they have in the Preserve.

The preserve is also ranked as the #1 thing to do on your visit to Eleuthera on TripAdvisor and “The Preserve now hosts 299 native species of vascular plants including 19 of the 89 endemic species known to occur in the islands (Freid et. al. 2014).


Falon Cartwright, Manager”

Camilla Adair, Deputy Manager

Alvanna Johnson, Office and Gift Shop Assistant

Omar McKlewhite, Preserve Attendant


As I’m sure you know by now The Levy Preserve is a sponsor of this site and we thank them and hopefully you will too!

This article was published on Thursday, May 25, 2017 in the following categories: Featured Articles

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