Meet Roderick Pinder- JR Car Rentals

I’d like you to meet Roderick Pinder who is the owner of JR Car Rentals here on Eleuthera. Because Eleuthera is a long thin island it’s almost imperative to rent a car to get around and take advantage of seeing things. Now there are many car rental people on the island but not all are the same. This isn’t the US and we have no Hertz or Avis dealerships so you need to rent from someone that has top quality car and stands behind their vehicles.

Here’s Roderick in his own words.




Now in the honesty and fairness department, Roderick is a sponsor of this site but he really does a great job with all of his business or I would recommend him.



This article was published on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 in the following categories: Featured Articles

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