Lighthouse Point and Beach Eleuthera

Lighthouse Beach and the Point is probably everyone’s favorite beach and destination on Eleuthera due to it’s raw beauty and remoteness. It’s probably one of the harder places to get to and a vehicle with clearance is really a necessity in order to avoid problems for yourself and your rental car person. However after you have made it there you’ll soon appreciate the effort as you can see in the video below.

Generally it’s not hard to get to but it tends to be a long drive unless you are staying in the southern part of the island. As of now it is currently ranked the #1 beach on Eleuthera from our survey and if you haven’t voted, please stop by and give us your opinion.


There’s really only a few tricky spots that you might get confused so I mapped out the turns in Greencastle as well as in Wemyss Bight.

Directions to Lighthouse Beach

Directions to Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach and Point is a great destination as there are really a few things to see when you are there. First as you enter you will see the first beach and a view of Lighthouse Point. The beach is great for walks and swimming and if you venture all the way to the point towards the cruise ship and to the next beach you may find some good shells. Or at least we have in the past.

Lighthouse Beach cove, Eleuthera

Lighthouse Beach cove

On the top of the point is where the Lighthouse itself is and worth a hike up the hill to see.

Lighthouse at Lighthouse Beach, Eleuthera

The Lighthouse at Lighthouse Beach

The cove side is only half of the beach to see at Lighthouse Point. If you look at the photo at the bottom you’ll see a road that goes to the other side. It’s very loose sand so unless you are very confident in your vehicle or have a 4×4, I’d park and walk over.


Please make sure that wherever you park you leave nothing in your car. We usually take everything out and leave the car open. It’s as safe as anywhere but if certain people are down that way and the opportunity presents itself, well you could have issues to deal with. Locked cars mean there’s something you’re trying to keep safe and a smashed out window is a pain to deal with. Open car means you have nothing anyone wants- assuming you took it all out and they can always check and move on. We use this general rule on ALL trips around the island.

Cays off of Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera

Cays off of Lighthouse Point

At the very tip of the Point, if you walk there and the tide is right, you will see a cave of sorts and it provides some shade. There is also a rock overhang at the end of this beach that does offer shade but generally if you are on this side’s beach there is little shade on the beach itself until later in the day. The other side has more shade with trees along the shore but naturally this all depends on where the sun is.

Miles of beach, Lighthouse beach, Eleuthera

Miles of beach

If you are a walker, this side has miles of beach as you can see in the photo above and you can always drop in for a swim!

Lighthouse Point and Beaches

Lighthouse Point and Beaches

Lighthouse Point and Beaches are really an amazing place that everyone should experience at least once. The beauty, isolation and scenery are unmatched.




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