Leo Rose Restaurant in Eleuthera

Today we went to The Leo Rose Restaurant in James Cistern Eleuthera which we have been to before and which has great food and location. It’s right on the waterfront as you come into town from the south and you’d be hardpressed to miss it. Today was a bit windy and the water was pretty rough to say the least as you can see from the video below.

There weren’t many people there and we ordered a Grouper finger sandwich and a grouper finger lunch.

Grouper Sandwich, Leo Rose, Eleuthera

Grouper Sandwich

Grouper Lunch, Leo Rose, Eleuthera

Grouper Lunch

Everything was great and the service was also excellent as well and as to the location- well that just can’t be beat. When the wind isn’t blowing and the sea is calm, the view is wonderful looking out to sea. They have added sort of a tower deck and I went up and took some video looking down on the property.

When I was up there I saw a cable attached to the main pole but nothing on the other end. When I came down I asked if they were going to have a zipline but I was sort of joking to which the response was that they were hoping to put another telephone pole out in the water and make one that people could use and jump off into the water. Now that would be probably cool.

So if you’re looking for a great location, view and food I’d suggest you try out The Leo Rose Restaurant and Bar while you are here.



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