Islandia Beach-Tarpum Bay

Islandia Beach is in Tarpum Bay on the Atlantic side of the island and relatively easy to get to. It’s great for snorkeling, swimming and walking. Walking is best at low tide because there can be quite a steep angle and soft sands at high tide. The reefs are relatively close to shore so it makes for great snorkeling if the waters are calm.

This is the best shot I could get from the Google Map but as you head south and are going along the waterfront, there is a sharp corner, just after that there is a road on the left that goes right down to the beach. There are a few places that will need a bit more clearance so make sure your vehicle is a bit higher off the ground.
Islandia Beach Map, Eleuthera

The road that leads to the beach was once part of the resort that Arnold Palmer had started.

Arnold Palmer’s Beach Front Inn (a.k.a. Islandia a.k.a. Eleuthera Beach Inn)

“Perched on the crest of a low hill overlooking a beautiful Atlantic beach, Arnold Palmer’s Beach Front Inn (a.k.a. Arnold Palmer’s Island Inn) offered 100 air-conditioned rooms (comprised of two 50-unit wings), billed as “pleasant living in a friendly country club atmosphere.”  Guests could partake in a variety of water sports (presumably connected with a ruined concrete pad on the north end of the beach), and were entitled to play tennis and golf at the co-owned Cotton Bay Club.” Read more.

I’m sure it must have been quite the place but like many others, it’s time had past and was taken over by new owners. Sadly it failed and as far as I know there isn’t anything left of the old resort or at least from what I have seen. However the beach is naturally still there and can be still enjoyed.

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