Hurricane Irma Update

Well it seems that Eleuthera will not be hit with the brunt of Hurricane Irma at this point. It’s still something to keep an eye on as you never know. These storms do things that aren’t always predictable and it’s best to be prepared. Here’s the latest shot from The National Hurricane Center of the projected path.

Below is the overall picture for the Atlantic and as you can see Irma isn’t the only storm to be watching.

Hurricane Irma and other storms

This is the 8pm Monday view from the National Hurricane Center and as of now still is tracking more to the south and west of Eleuthera. You’ll also notice that we are still within the cone possibility as the markers are just their best approximation to Hurricane Irma’s path.

Hurricane Irma Track 8pm

This is Hurricane Irma’s Latest update as of 5am Tuesday morning. As you can see it is still a long ways from Eleuthera and people should still be monitoring it closely as you can never tell exactly what a hurricane is going to do until it has actually passed and moved well away.

Hurricane Irma 5am track

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