How to get to Eleuthera

Getting to Eleuthera leaves some with confusion as it isn’t a straight through booking trip that you may experience traveling to other destinations. You can’t just get on a booking site and plug in say Boston to Governor’s Harbour, your days and get the results you would like. If you, like most other people, look to book a flight from your airport to Eleuthera, you’ll find you usually hit a dead end. The only airline that is capable of doing that is Bahama’s Air. Now the issue there is that Bahama’s Air has infrequent flights to Eleuthera.

Jetblue Plane

Jetblue Plane

Then what happens more times than not is people get frustrated and either move on or try to find someone that has made the trip before. Now some people will book flights from the US directly to Eleuthera on a separate airline but this option tends to be more expensive and there are only certain days and times that they fly from say Miami or Atlanta to one of the airports here. It’s an easy route with about an hour or so airtime depending on where you are coming from but the flights are much more expensive.

However there is an alternative that is fairly easy.

Make your arrangements to fly into Nassau. There are many airlines that come and on a frequent schedule. Eleuthera is serviced daily with three flights per day to the local airports in the north, central and south (ELH, GHB, RSD airport codes). Usually there is a 7 am flight, noon flight and one at the end of the day for each airport from two local carriers.

Southern Air Charter

Southern Air Charter


The two carriers are:

Southern Air  and Pineapple Air

Pineapple Air

Pineapple Air

So between the two airlines it would be 6 flights per day into each of the airports. Now when booking your trip my advice would be to look at your main carriers flights to Nassau and when they arrive and make sure you allow yourself adequate time to clear Immigration and Customs. Let’s say your flight is scheduled to land in Nassau at 3pm and your flight to the island is 4pm. You will never make it. Look again for an earlier flight to Nassau to ensure your connection works. Once you have confirmed the timing works, then book your flights. If you book your flight to Nassau and then check for flights to Eleuthera, you may be disappointed and end up staying the night in Nassau because of inadequate time.

Small Plane to Eleuthera

Small Plane

Lastly the local airlines have a check in cut off time of 45 minutes before the flights leave. They also don’t always leave as stated. If the plane is there and most everyone else is ready to board and even if it’s a half hour early- They will leave! So make sure you are there with plenty of time.

It sounds harder than it is and if you need assistance with this, please let us know.





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