How Did We Get Here?

Now on a fairly regular schedule we get asked “How did you get here?” and they aren’t meaning by plane or boat. I think they ask because they’re here on vacation and love the place so much and then they run into someone that isn’t Bahamian that actually lives here and they’re curious. How could they also do this? Usually that opening question is followed by many others and I can tell they are wondering if they too could live here.

Now living on an island isn’t like living other places. There are certain things that you have to accept but that’s for another story.

So here’s a video I did not long ago explaining how we ended up coming to Eleuthera and buying properties.From going on vacation to buying a house to then buying a broken down historical building and renovating it, it’s a story I sometimes look back at and wonder myself what we were doing.

This article was published on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 in the following categories: Featured Articles

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