Girt’s Bay in Eleuthera

Girt’s Bay is in central Eleuthera and just a little south of Double Bay on the same road. It’s very easy to get to and as you go down to Double Bay you just take a right and stay on that road until you can’t go any further. Be careful at the end because of the loose sand and parking.

Map to Girt's Bay, Eleuthera

Map to Girt’s Bay, Eleuthera

The beach itself isn’t all that great for swimming and such but if you enjoy looking for sea glass and walking you can cover some good distance as you’ll see in the video below. A lot of the beach is rather rocky so make sure you take your shoes if you want to go around the edge farther down. I haven’t swam here and the day we went it was a bit rough although there looked like you might find some good spots farther down the beach to jump in.

Here’s some drone footage I shot of the area and beach that you might enjoy seeing.



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