Food Shopping in Eleuthera

Food Shopping in Eleuthera isn’t like where you probably come from and at times can be quite interesting in finding what you need or want. Now as a short term visitor you can always look here on our site for the area that you will be in and then you can find what is available in your area.

Listings on website

Listings on website

Also if you aren’t big on going out to eat or you are here for a longer period of time,  such you’ll want to pay close attention. Sid and I call it a more modern day version of the ancient hunter/gatherer method of procuring food but instead of walking the plains, we drive now.

Fruits and vegetables, Rock Sound Market

Fruits and vegetables

This being an island most of the food is brought in from the US or Nassau and it doesn’t come in everyday. As a general rule boats come in on Tuesday and Thurs to the central and south Eleuthera. To be totally honest I believe the boats go to Spanish Wells much more frequently and the Big store up there- Food Fair has a great selection. However driving up there, getting a boat, shopping and returning are a little more than we like to do.

Cheese and eggs,  Rock Sound Market

Cheese and eggs

Each settlement has a place generally that you can purchase food. Some are really small and there’s really nothing that compares in size or selection to grocery stores in the US so just get that out of your head right now. Some of the smaller stores do have a great selection of items such as East and Final in James Cistern, or Big Rock in JC too. Bacchus Fine Foods in Governor’s Harbour has a great selection and they also serve meals either inside or on the patio.

Entrance Rock Sound Market


There are also larger stores such as North Eleuthera Shopping in Bluff, Burrow’s and Eleuthera Supply in Governor’s and the Supermarket in Rock Sound. We go frequently to the Market as they have a consistent supply and in the inbetween times we shop at various establishments. You should also know that if you would like you can go to their website and preorder what you would like and they will deliver it to the home you are renting.

Food selections in Eleuthera vary greatly from place to place and if there are certain things that you must have for dietary needs it might be best to bring them along with you assuming they aren’t fruits and vegetables.

The Super Market in Rock Sound


So you are probably wondering where the hunter/gatherer thing I mentioned at the beginning comes in. See not every store carries every item you may want. One store may have fresh veggies while another is better for bulk supplies and milk can be found at certain stores on certain days. One place might carry better fruits while another has a better selection of cleaning supplies. Then of course you may stop in a store and find something totally new and that you wanted. Just last week we stopped in a new store. Some of the things were the same but they also carried others we would need in the future.

Then of course there’s always the surprise. This store had frozen big shrimp. Two pound bag and only $31.00! Sid wanted to get 2 but I didn’t have that much on me but we got one. We’re actually having some tomorrow for dinner guest- shrimp and linguine!

That part was a little primer. Food is expensive here. Everything has to be brought in and only a few places take credit or debit cards and this is assuming the internet is working so the transaction can go through. Last trip up north we tried three times to get the card to go through and the internet was too slow. Once again it was lucky that I had cash on hand. Moral of the story- make sure you have cash.

Bon appetit

Bon appetit



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