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We will be visiting soon and wanted to know if most places accept debit cards or is it all cash or what would be best? Thanks

Hi Lynn,

Glad to hear you’ll be coming for a visit.
There are many places that will accept debit/credit cards but you will also be paying an additional 3-7% to use it at their place plus whatever transaction fees the banks charge. Also not everywhere/one takes cards as it’s not like in the US. Cash is accepted everywhere and the US $ and Bahamian $ are equal. There are ATM machines in Governors Harbour so you can get cash there if you need to. Or you can bring your money if you’re in the US.
Hope that helps,

Hello From 🇨🇦 My wife and i are enjoying all the pictures and information about this amazing island , we have been coming down for the last two years we stay for three weeks around the third week of February to March , we purchased your book with drone pictures really nice job. We move around the island First year Theresa Burrows house on the point and this year stayed at Veselka beach house. This February we are staying Parlay at sunset Tarpum Bay . Thanks Alan and Liana Jenkins Keep up the great work!


Visit Eleuthera end of March, looking into renting a car found that it is kinda pricy. Do you have any recommendations for cheaper transportation.
Thank you

Well I would naturally recommend using Roderick Pinder and you can see his information on the Sponsor page. The thing you have to remember is that rental cars are expensive to get to the island- shipping, customs duty, VAT, etc. For example: a $3500 car elsewhere would cost you about $9000 by the time you actually have it here. Also being a long island not having a car is tough if you want t get anywhere. If you stay in town then you could always walk or get a bike but the car rentals are all about the same price, it’s the quality of what you get that matters so you can travel around with peace of mind.


Hi! How do we share our photos from our trips to Eleuthera??? Thanks, Matt

Matt- Just send me your trip photos and where each was taken and the name you want me to put on for credit. I ‘ll take care of the sizing etc. Just send to-

Hi Todd, I’ve been watching your videos for the past week about life on Eleuthera and I find them very interesting. I’m a 19 year old Business Management and International Business double-major at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island and I’ve been coming to beautiful Eleuthera since I was 7. My parents own a house in Rainbow Bay and I’ve been up and down the island several times, been to countless beaches, and have shopped and dined at many of the island’s stores and restaurants. I appreciate what you’re doing with the site and trying to bring tourists to our island because I’ve always wished to help my Bahamian friends who work and own businesses in any way I can. I’d love to assist you in collecting information on beaches, history, culture, etc. in any capacity that you’d need me. If you need any help with promoting your website I can also assist you. Please let me know how I can help you show people how amazing our island truly is! Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do. Will Dittman

Good to hear from you Will and appreciate all the kind words. Best thing you can do is help spread the word about this site, the Facebook Page and the Instagram page. Happy Holidays! Todd


Hi Todd, Recently found your videos on YouTube. My wife and I really enjoy them. The info on Eleuthera is great and can’t wait to get there! Lord willing, we will be there for three weeks in February. It will be our fourth trip to your beautiful island, second with our boys (24, 17, and 14). Our first trip was in 1991 on our honeymoon! My favorite video is your Glass Window Bridge video of November 9th. I have seen a lot of drone footage of GWB, but yours has to be the most remarkable. Those waves crashing! and the angle of view are great! (The 4K doesn’t hurt either! although I only have HD.) I am hoping to bring my Phantom 3 Advanced with me to get some video memories. I am still a beginner at quadcopters, but I hope to learn enough by then. I also just found out about the NEW regulations in the BAHAMAS. I think that I have found the info I need, and will be contacting the Department of Civil Aviation to register. Found this on Phantom Pilots: ( Any input on the subject? Thanks! Jeff and Alisa Richmond, Lockport, NY (Near Niagara Falls and Buffalo)

Response- I had contacted this person in a sperate email and discussed what they needed to do but feel free to contact me if this is something that you’d like to know more about too.