Eleuthera- It’s Personal

I’ve been meeting with visitors to Eleuthera recently and there’s a common theme for those that come back year after year. It’s Personal. Now what I mean by that is that these people that come to the island have developed personal relationships with people here. It is not just a tourist destination as are so many places are but a place where they have met new people, interacted with them and continued that even after they have left.

I tend to look and observe people and their reactions to things and the ones that seem unhappy with their stay here probably came with different expectations. They were maybe expecting resorts, all kinds of services, organized activities and such. They probably didn’t research Eleuthera enough before they came and probably would have been happier going to a place in Nassau . This isn’t Nassau and that is a good thing in my opinion.

Visiting with friend Marc

Visiting with friend Marc

Eleuthera, like all of the family island, is a much more laid back affair and place. There are things to do but they have to be you have to seek them out. You have to research these options before you come or you have to be able to reach out and ask people. That’s where the personal interaction starts. You have to ask people here what and where to go to get certain things and also what their experience has been at certain places.

Gene's Bay Dock

Gene’s Bay Dock

As in most circumstances the visitors that interact with locals and other long term visitors to the island develop a bond and affinity to the island. It’s not just a vacation or holiday. It’s a place that you can comfortable come back to year after year, see people that you may not have seen since your previous visit and relax and enjoy the island life.

Conversation and wine

Conversation and wine

I know many people that have been coming here for many years and year after year. It’s that personal connection to the people and the island that keep them coming back. They aren’t interested in the canned commercialized version of a tropical vacation.

New friends on Windermere, Eleuthera

New friends on Windermere

THey keep coming back to Eleuthera because it’s personal!

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