Eleuthera and Hurricane Maria-Weds

It’s been a chaotic few weeks and now we’re watching Hurricane Maria and how she tracks in relationship to Eleuthera. When it was first shown as a Tropical Storm, Maria’s track looked like there was a good chance it might come up to Eleuthera. However as the days have gone by it presently looks as though Eleuthera will once again dodge the wrath of Hurricane Maria.

Naturally this path isn’t set in stone and as of the 5 am projection from the National Hurricane Center it looks like Maria’s track will continue on and easterly trend away from Eleuthera. I’ve marked where Eleuthera is on this mark just in case you weren’t totally sure.

Again things look good for Eleuthera at this point but you should still keep an eye on it in case of any changes.

Hurricane Maria 5 AM Weds

Hurricane Maria 5 AM Weds

Below is the 8 PM Tuesday screenshot that you can use as a comparison.

Hurricane Maria 8 PM Tues, track

Hurricane Maria 8 PM Tues

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