Drone Flying in Eleuthera- Things to know

Flying a Drone in Eleuthera when you are on vacation will give you some views that you would not otherwise see but there’s some things to know. We assume that you have already experienced the views that you can get with your drone and you won’t be disappointed with what you’ll get for photos and video here.

So if you have decided to bring your drone the first thing you’ll need to do is register it with the Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority. Just sent up a new account and input the needed information. It’s a very easy procedure and when you are done print it out and bring it with you. All drones need to be registered in the Bahamas.

French Leave Beach, Eleuthera

French Leave Beach

If you are not bringing a computer than I would advise you to make sure your drone has all  the latest updates. This may be easier to do from your home than while you are down here on vacation. I would also suggest that you make sure you have extra batteries. Eleuthera is a long island and if you are a ways from your rental home it’s nice to be able to shoot as much as you want while you are out. Having only a battery will limit your flying time and thusly the video and photo you will be able to take. NB- Make sure your batteries are drained down for the flight here so there’s no problems.

It might also be a good idea to format your SD card so that it’s empty. I format mine quite frequently even though I take the videos and photos off all the time. This make the card totally empty and I would also advise bringing a backup SD card. Things happen and having only one SD card on vacation that dies and no way to use your drone  would be very frustrating. You might find a replacement card here but it’s just easier to just bring an extra. That also gives you the option of more storage using the two cards.

Glass Window Bridge, Eleuthera

Glass Window Bridge

Now you’ve registered it and you have made it to Eleuthera. Depending on the model that you have you should recalibrate the compass and make sure everything is up to date if you haven’t already. The compass calibration is easy and will be needed because you are in a totally different place. Don’t forget to re-do that when you get back to your home.

Stingray's im Eleuthera


I would think bringing a laptop would also be a good idea as you’ll be able to download your footage and thus create another copy for backup and naturally all the needed cable and chargers for everything.

Savannah Sound, Eleuthera

Savannah Sound

Ok and now for flying your drone in Eleuthera.

I have a DJI Phantom 4 and it’s fully updated. With the updates it will warn you when you are near airports and I already know where I am and when commerical planes fly here. You don’t, so heed the warnings. No one however knows when private planes are flying around so it’s a must to be always vigilant and keep the setting set so that the height is limited to a 400 foot flying ceiling. Technically speaking planes are not supposed to fly under 400 feet but down here that isn’t always the case. Many times I’ve seen them way lower than that and thus the always vigilant part. I surely don’t want to be the person that takes down any plane.

Girt's Bay, Eleuthera

Girt’s Bay

If you’ve been using your drone for a while you will  have also realized that you can get some great shots and footage without even getting close to that height. Height does not always equate to better footage.

Kemp's Creek, Eleuthera

Kemp’s Creek

Have fun with your drone while you’re on Eleuthera and I can tell you there are many places that you will be grateful that you brought it. The videos and photos will amaze you but just always be aware of where you are and if you’ve practiced enough at home you’ll have a great time with it here. The one thing I can’t guarantee is the wind and the weather.



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