Daddy Joe’s in Gregory Town, Eleuthera

Daddy Joe’s is a restaurant, bar, hotel and boutique shop just north of Gregory Town south of the Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera. It’s right on the Queen’s Highway across from where you would turn to go to Gaulding Cay beach. We decided that we would take a trip north and have lunch there as well as talk to the owner, Tiffany Johnson and Manager Saundra.

Before we left I was hoping to meet them so I sent a message to them on Facebook. The reply was very prompt and we told them we were planning on coming up for lunch and hoped to meet them. Once we got there we talked with them for quite a bit about various things and business matters and made our order.

Daddy Joe's Fish Tacos

Daddy Joe’s Fish Tacos

Daddy Joe's Burger

Daddy Joe’s Burger

Sid ordered the fish tacos and I ordered the Daddy Joe Burger. They both came out and looked delicious and let me say they were absolutely delicious. My burger was one of the best I’ve had anywhere and Sid’s Fish Tacos came with two tacos and loaded. Both meals had fries and really the perfect amount of spice. We both tasted each other’s dishes and we both agreed they were worth the trip anytime. Luckily for me Sid could only eat one of her Taco’s so I indulged with a burger and her second taco. Needless to say I was stuffed and would highly recommend a trip to there.

They also have rooms that they rent and a boutique shop which we’ll look at in a future post.

Daddy Joe's Menu, Eleuthera

Daddy Joe’s Menu

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