Bringing your drone to Eleuthera

Drones offer some views that you won’t normally be able to take advantage of and bringing one to Eleuthera is a relatively easy process. There’s a few steps that you will need to take to get permission and I believe that in the US hobbyist’s no longer have to register their drones. That is listed as a requirement here so I think they may need to get that updated as not everyone registers their drones now in the US. Or at least that was my newest understanding on a ruling from the FAA. Check that out here.

Drone view, Eleuthera

Drone view

So here is the easy way to go about making sure you have no issues as you enter the Bahamas with your drone.

Contact via email or phone Mr. Edwards below and he will provide you with all the needed paperwork required. After you have submitted that he will send you a letter that you can show to Customs upon entering the country. You’ll need the drone model, serial number, when you will be coming, how long you’ll be here and basic questions such as that.

Gregory Edwards

Aviation Safety Inspector
Bahamas Civil Aviation Department
2nd Floor J.L Center Bldg , Blake Rd
Nassau, Bahamas
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