A little bit of Eleutheran history

Eleuthera has a great deal of history and stories and it’s important to remember the past so on that vein let’s talk about pirates and shipwrecking. Most people know that pirates were in the Bahamas in the early years but many will have forgotten a segment of history that Eleuthera went through which was shipwrecking.

“At this time, “wrecking”, or the salvaging of shipwrecked boats, became a mainstay of the economy. In fact, various tricks were used to lure the ships to the reefs, in the northern part of the island. In fact, at a large reef off Spanish Wells, a reef called ‘Devil’s Backbone’, there are many wrecks today attesting to the success of the following ruse; lanterns were put on donkeys at night, and moved to strategic areas, to fool the captains into thinking they were the lights of lighthouses, and cause the ships to go off course onto the rocks. This was especially popular in Spanish Wells, and Harbor Island. The local population even resisted the constructions of lighthouses, in the time of 1845- 1870, although more than 300 vessels had shipwrecked over the years, since “wrecking” provided a boost to the local economy.”  Eleuthera.com

So just a fun bit of trivia for you to know about the history of Eleuthera.

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